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Friday, 8 September 2017

How To Manage Time When Working And Still Preparing For Jamb

How do I combine my work and Jamb and at the same time succeed in both? This is where your ability to manage time comes in.
Time is one of the greatest asset given to everyone equally. What you do with time determines your level of greatness in this world. You must learn to manage time so that you can complete the important things in life
A lot of Jamb candidates ask the question as to how they can combine their work and still study for Jamb.
It is true that you get tired when you come back from home. Plus other responsibilities at hand. However, there is no excuse for failure.
Nobody wants to hear that you failed Jamb because of your Job. But people want to hear how you passed Jamb even when you combined the preparations with your work.
You are not the first person to multi-task. While preparing for Jamb in 2014, I was helping my Aunt to sell in her shop.
I was spending up to 18 hours daily in the shop. Yet, I still made my time count.
I always took my books to the shop. Anytime there were less customers, I quickly go through my books and past questions.
Before then, I never loved to read under heavy noise, I had to learn it by force. And I succeeded.
What does that tell you? Success is a choice. If you have made up your mind to succeed, nothing can stop you.
We don’t have all the time, but we can create time. No matter how busy you claim to be, you still have time. In fact, you are using time to go through this article.
If you are combining work with Jamb examination, the 12 tips below will be of help to you:
  • Understand that no excuse can justify your failure in Jamb.
  • Know that killing time is not murder but suicide.
  • Check the times you are less busy and plan a schedule.
  • Any time you come from work, make sure you rest very well before picking a book to study. Else, you will not understand anything.
  • Cultivate the habit of study along with Jamb past questions.
  • Don’t just read like novels, always jot down important points.
  • Don’t skip any topic you don’t understand, meet someone to explain.
  • Have at least two full time Jamb candidates to be putting you through some subjects.
  • Answer at least five years of Jamb past questions.
  • Do not neglect the Jamb use of English. Study it very well.
  • Know the best study method that works for you and stick to it.

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