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Friday, 8 September 2017

Think it Through, Beat it Through (TITBIT)

Always think it

In our world, people are struggling to live lives that will suit them. They strive to make things better. At most instances, they end up without any meaningful result. Recent statistics showing that only about eight percent of people are living successful lives can attest to that. At this point, they look down on themselves, settle for mediocrity, surrender to the tides of time (probably waiting to die) and live lives they never actually wanted to live.

Many die with their Dreams

These ones were once full of innovative ideas, plans, ambitions, dreams and goals set to be achieved at such and such period of time. Guess what, it never came through. Why?! What was wrong? What was missing? Probably more than a million answers are available based on individual differences and personal life experiences but let’s talk on some common few.
Poor planning and decision making: A lot of people are victims of this. They have good thoughts and ideas of how they want their future to be but never really plan. For some, they are waiting to be welcomed out of school before they start constructing a plan for their lives. If they are going to settle down or go for higher studies.

Many actually have Plans

For some others, they have a plan. Only that those plans may be shabby, not workable or not even prepared for. The only way to make a plan work is if you decide and agree on it. Think it through; over and over again. Right from the start. And once you’re decided, write it down.
Any product of brainstorming is still liquid and can change form until you write it down: constantly remind yourself of this decision daily. Although that’s hardly part of the work, it ensures you have a good start and that’s a plus. In addition to having a good and workable plan, for a start, you must cultivate the right lifestyle.
Put yourself on track anytime you derail. Make sure you are set to succeed. You can’t afford bad grades when your plan requires that you’re a high-flyer (some plans don’t, trust me) nor can you afford to be a loafer regardless of your plan whatsoever. This will require you make one or two sacrifices from time to time.

Poorly Developed Personality: Another aspect people fail is in developing their personalities into respectable and acceptable figures; into leaders. They may have focused on so many things but missed out on this one. Ouch! And that can be costly. Personality development cannot be overemphasized because it what comes first even before your C. V and other academic qualifications.
How well you can lead a group, your public speaking and communication skills, hands skilled into perfection in music (e.g. keyboarding, guitar, e.t.c), works of Art and so many things you could do to be of influence around you qualify for personality build-up. Pick up something new to learn from time to time. You may have heard that rewards are for problem-solvers. What skill(s) have you that can solve one or two problems? Hold on to them. They will count someday

Consistency really matters

Inconsistency with Seemingly Little Things: Yes, a lot of people are inconsistent. This is because a lot of us want “quick and easy” steps to the top. We are not willing to work our way through. “Every big thing” they would say “starts small”. Not many people really put this to heart.
If you think there’s a businessman somewhere you admire and you want to spontaneously be like; keep this in mind. That man sold his first product. And after that a second, a third and so on.
Be willing to start small when the time comes and watch that little grow with time. One thing about consistency you should also note: the moment you stop doing the things that took you up the mountain is the moment you begin to slide down the valley.
Keep up with those frequent studying, practice and training even if no one else is interested. They might as well not be as interested in succeeding as you are. Poor Relationship Skills: At some point, one might have undermined building healthy relationships with other people.

Think your choice of friends

There’s nothing more exciting than having friends that support your dreams both within and outside school. These friends and healthy relationships can act as catalyst to help you achieve positive results in no time. They will help speed up your reaction plus they ensure you have a support and do not fall along the way. If you do not desire to be successful, this is not for you.
Poor Time Management and Superficial (Surface) Inertia: Depending on the kind of person you are, you can take a long period of time in deciding whether or not if you are to act. This is good because after all you must count your cost. However, it can prove detrimental if too much inertia or should I say, brakes are applied. C’mon, you don’t have a lifetime to take that decision. It’s a risk, I understand.
Taking it may mean failure, (which you’ll learn from; not all though-so watch out) but not taking it may leave a long-lasting effect. An opportunity may just have been missed. If you’re in those shoes already, refuse to believe that opportunities come just once.
There are more than a dozen of them out there. Go ahead and grab them. However please note, it’s not worth the waste of time to wait for later because time is precious. On the other hand, procrastination may be the major setback for some. That is “to delay doing something until a later time because you do not want to do it, because you are lazy, etc”. If you don’t want to do it, well, I don’t know what you want. That’s self deceit then.

Don’t only say it, act it!

You’re confessing to yourself you want to succeed, yet you keep pushing the important things away. Watch it. Think it through. Or is it because you’re lazy? Repentance is not far off. You’ve got to learn self-discipline. Don’t bend those rules because you set them; instead bend yourself! Unforeseen Circumstances of Life: Yea yea.. You’re right.
Circumstances beyond our human control. However I wish to establish some facts.  Whatsoever you did not have a choice in cannot be your limiting factor. That includes your background, parents, neighborhood, you name it. Not even your handicaps and bodily deformities.
The real problem is with what you do afterwards. So please for your sake, never go ahead blaming everyone or anyone for your misfortune. You have a choice to change it or sulk. Challenges and unprecedented events that will be in time to come have been taken care of in Him; the Holy Spirit. Trust your unknown future to a known God.
Things will become clearer to you as you. If you do not desire to be successful, this is not for you. continue to abide in Him. The author and finisher of our faith. You have all it takes to succeed. Just a little more focus, consistency, determination and all the other spices you can mention; just then you will be glowing with success. So THINK IT THROUGH and you surely will BEAT IT THROUGH .

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