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Thursday, 7 December 2017

Anna Friel kisses lesbian escort lover in steamy sex scenes on The Girlfriend Experience

ANNA Friel leaves one of her lesbian lovers close to tears in the latest episode of The Girlfriend Experience after pushing her away during a very steamy encounter.
Her character Erica Myles allows high-end escort Anna Garner to seduce her while the pair are sitting together on the sofa.

Anna Friel’s character has another steamy encounter with her high end escort lover in the latest episode of The Girlfriend Experience

But her character Erica Myles doesn’t appear to be enjoying her moment of passion with Anna Garner
Erica allows Anna to start kissing her breasts before performing a sex act on her.
However as the scene goes on Erica appears disinterested in Anna, played by actress Louisa Krause.
She stands up and walks away following their moment of passion, leaving Anna close to tears.
Later on in the episode, Erica is locked in another tryst with her former ex-lover Darya Esford, played by Narges Rashidi.

The steamy scene sees Anna, played by Louisa Krause, try to seduce Erica

The lovers were once so close on the show
In last week’s show, the pair show thrilled fans as they enjoyed one of the show’s sexiest moments yet.
Anna famously helped to portray the first lesbian kiss on a British soap back in the early nineties on Brookside alongside Nicola Stephenson.
Speaking about her latest role, the Rochdale-born star told Metro.US that she wanted the audience state-side to look beyond her naked scenes and concentrate at the bigger story.
She explained: “It’s not unnecessary [the nudity]. We’ve got to concentrate on it as a piece of work.

However Erica leaves her close to tears after pulling away and walking out
“I’ve never really had an issue with nudity as long as I didn’t ever feel like I was made to do it or thought that it was salacious.
“But if you’re dealing with something where you know that sex is going to be involved, it’s something that we really shouldn’t shy away from.”
Anna’s next big role back home in the UK will see her return to our screens as DS Marcella Backland in the follow up to 2016’s hit detective drama Marcella.

Later in the episode Erica meets up with an upset Anna
And she appears to try and make it up to her
Anna was spotted filming new scenes for the show in London earlier this year.
And Anna’s co-star Jamie Bamber – who plays Detective Inspector Tim Williamson recently teased a “freaky” second series which will consist of eight more episodes.
He told Metro: “I’m really really excited about reprising my character, he’s going in a different direction.”
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