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Monday, 18 December 2017

Fuam Resumption Date

Several students including parents have asked me about when will  Federal University Of Agriculture Makurdi(FUAM)  Ist semester 2017/2018 resumption date.
Likewise, a lot of rumors have been flying around concerning the actual date for resumption.
Agadablog.com.ng is known for being proactive in terms of dishing out quality information to students.
It is worthy of note that 2nd semester for 2016/2017 is still on.
This means that of it is the typical FUAM we know, they will most likely finish Their 2nd semester b4 2017/2018 students will resume
In  contrast to last session, we found ourselves in almost exact situation.
School resumed before freshers came into school.


There has been several news flying around that school fees has been increased.
This is actually not true as up till now a dime has not been added to the school fees.
But in all, start preparing your school fees because its another session so you can get an hostel place in time.

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